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Our Proposal Story Tye proposed 4th of July weekend Jerilyn, and Greg, his sister: Meia, and his Grandma Joyce.

Tom brenna speech

As he did not believe human beings were apeshe believed this might have Tom brenna speech during the Cretaceouscontrary to what is possible given the geologic and evolutionary biology evidence available at the time.

On the advice of his colleagues, Hardy delayed presenting the hypothesis for approximately thirty years. Several national newspapers reported sensational presentations of Hardy's ideas, which he countered by explaining them more fully in an article in New Scientist on 17 March Some interest was received, notably from the geographer Carl Sauer whose views on the role of the seashore in human evolution [15] "stimulated tremendous progress in the study of coastal and aquatic adaptations" inside marine archaeology.

Another screenwriter, Elaine Morgan, responded to this focus in her Descent of Woman, which parodied the conventional picture of "the Tarzanlike figure of the prehominid who came down from the trees, saw a grassland teeming with game, picked up a weapon and became a Mighty Hunter," [20] and pictured a more peaceful scene of humans by the seashore.

She took her lead from a section in Morris's book which referred to the possibility of an Aquatic Ape period in evolution, his name for the speculation by the biologist Alister Hardy in When it aroused no reaction in the academic community, she dropped the feminist criticism and wrote a series of books—The Aquatic ApeThe Scars of EvolutionThe Descent of the Child and The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis —which explored the issues in more detail.

My thesis is that a branch of this primitive ape -stock was forced by competition from life in the trees to feed on the sea-shores and to hunt for food, shell fishsea-urchins etc. I suppose that they were forced into the water just as we have seen happen in so many other groups of terrestrial animals.

I am imagining this happening in the warmer parts of the world, in the tropical seas where Man could stand being in the water for relatively long periods, that is, several hours at a stretch.

How welcoming is UK theatre to artists from the rest of Europe?

He pointed to human's lack of body hair as being analogous to the same lack seen in certain other marine mammals, such as the whale and the hippopotamus[21] [22] and noted the layer of subcutaneous fat humans have that Hardy believed other apes lacked, although it has been shown that captive apes with ample access to food have levels of subcutaneous fat similar to humans.

Morgan summed up her take on the hypothesis in Waterside hypotheses of human evolution assert that selection from wading, swimming and diving and procurement of food from aquatic habitats have significantly affected the evolution of the lineage leading to Homo sapiens as distinct from that leading to Pan.

Other academics have argued that the rejection of Hardy and Morgan is partially unfair given that other explanations which suffer from similar problems are not so strongly opposed.

A conference devoted to the subject was held at ValkenburgNetherlands in Its 22 participants included academic proponents and opponents of the theory and several neutral observers headed by the anthropologist Vernon Reynolds of Oxford University.

His summary at the end was: Overall, it will be clear that I do not think it would be correct to designate our early hominid ancestors as 'aquatic'. But at the same time there does seem to be evidence that not only did they take to water from time to time but that the water and by this I mean inland lakes and rivers was a habitat that provided enough extra food to count as an agency for selection.

It is not accepted as empirically supported by the scholarly community, [30] [31] [32] and has been met with significant skepticism. Langdon argued that however popular the idea was with the public, the "umbrella" nature of the idea means that it cannot serve as a proper scientific hypothesis.

Langdon also objected to Morgan's blanket opposition to the " savannah hypothesis " which he took to be the "collective discipline of paleoanthropology". He observed that some anthropologists had regarded the idea as not worth the trouble of a rebuttal.

In addition, the evidence cited by AAH proponents mostly concerned developments in soft tissue anatomy and physiology, whilst paleoanthropologists rarely speculated on evolutionary development of anatomy beyond the musculoskeletal system and brain size as revealed in fossils.

After a brief description of the issues under 26 different headings, he produced a summary critique of these with mainly negative judgments. His main conclusion was that the AAH was unlikely ever to be disproved on the basis of comparative anatomy, and that the one body of data that could potentially disprove it was the fossil record.Ms.

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Paige Kawasaki Special Education Teacher Mr. Tom Kjelland Band Teacher Mrs. Cynthia Klabo Science Teacher Mrs. Stephani Krueger Art Teacher. The Doniphan-Trumbull FFA Chapter held their first annual banquet on Monday, April 10th at pm. Tom Pfeiffer started off the banquet with a warm welcome to the FFA members and their families.

Dec 15,  · Among them was Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, who is retiring after serving in Congress for 40 years. Republican firebrand Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota also bid adieu. She used her final speech . Brenna Twohy - "Another Rape Poem" (IWPS ) powerful beautiful so good speech poetry.

Tom Brokaw's 'stuff' in Iowa is a window into his life He was one of the 'big three' TV anchors, but an exclusive peek at Brokaw's archive shows the man behind the headlines.

Tom brenna speech

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