The devoted friend sumarry

He had bright beady eyes and stiff grey whiskers and his tail was like a long bit of black india-rubber. The little ducks were swimming about in the pond, looking just like a lot of yellow canaries, and their mother, who was pure white with real red legs, was trying to teach them how to stand on their heads in the water.

The devoted friend sumarry

Sempere, takes his son Daniel to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books for the first time. The young Daniel is awestruck by the size and scope of the library, and the possibilities for learning it contains.

The devoted friend sumarry

In order to spend time around her, Daniel spends all his afternoons reading aloud to her in the apartment. Several years later, Daniel plans a sixteenth birthday party to which he invites Clara, but she never shows up.

Upset, Daniel leaves the house to wander the city streets, where a terrifying stranger approaches him and demands to know where his copy of The Shadow of the Wind is.

Daniel is worried that the stranger will hurt Clara, at whose house he left the novel, so he goes to retrieve it. Once in the apartment, he discovers Clara in bed with her music teacher, Adrian Neri, and feels incredibly betrayed.

He brings the novel back to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books and hides it. He falls in love with her, although he knows her father would forbid a relationship with him. The priest tells them that Carax grew up in an abusive home and was mentored by the wealthy and powerful Mr.

Aldaya, who took an interest in him and paid his private school tuition.

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Soon after, the Aldayas bought the house and moved in. After relating this tale, Daniel and Beatrice have sex in the house. However, right before the elopement, Mr. The next day, Daniel returns to the Aldaya mansion for another rendezvous with Bea.

When he finally calls the house, he realizes that her father has found out about their affair and is threatening to kill him.

Miquel and Nuria became lovers out of their mutual loneliness and obsession with Carax. Miquel told Nuria that Mr. Miquel never told Carax this, because he knew it would upset him and he would try to fight Mr.

Meanwhile Jorge, the only surviving member of the Aldaya family, sank into ruin. He fell in with Fumero, who used him as a pawn to entrap Carax and convinced him to duel with Carax in Paris, thereby driving Carax to kill Jorge and flee to Barcelona.

One night, Miquel found him at the old Aldaya mansion, but the police were on their trail as well. In the fire, his facial features are burned and disfigured.

As Coubert, he tracks down and destroys all remaining copies of his work, as well as stealing to support himself and Nuria. As Daniel grows up, Carax keeps tabs on his activities, feeling that Daniel is like a young version of himself. After reading the manuscript, Daniel is determined to find Bea and fight for her.

However, Fumero soon shows up and Daniel and Carax have to fight him, eventually impaling him on the arm of an angel statue in the garden. Daniel spends weeks in the hospital as a result of a gun wound sustained during the fight. Carax has escaped to Paris and begun to write again under a new pseudonym.

In the last chapter, Daniel takes his own son to the Cemetery for the first time, just as his father brought him so many years ago.

Cite This Page Choose citation style: Retrieved November 26, The Devoted Friend: Sumarry The Devoted Friend Introduction The Devoted Friend is an interesting short story of two friends having different temperaments and different conceptions of devoted friendship written by Oscar Wilde.

The devoted friend sumarry

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The Devoted Son. Years ago, there was a very wealthy man who, with his devoted young son, shared a passion for art collecting.

Together they traveled around the. In the short story "The Devoted Friend" by Oscar Wilde it is evident that people struggle with deciphering a true friend from a manipulative one, which often leads to a terrible end.

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