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He washed dishes at his fraternity house to earn money for college expenses.

President ford

Early life[ change change source ] He was born on July 14,at Woolworth Avenue in Omaha, Nebraskawhere his parents lived with his paternal grandparents. Dorothy separated from King just sixteen days after her son's birth. She took her son with her to the Oak Park, Illinois.

This was where her sister, Tannisse, and brother-in-law, Clarence Haskins James, lived. Dorothy and King divorced in December ; she got full custody of her son. Ford's paternal grandfather Charles Henry King paid child support until shortly before his death in Ford in President ford later said his biological father had a history of hitting his mother.

New Ford President and CEO Jim Hackett

Cannon, a member of the Ford administration, wrote in a Ford biography that the Kings' separation and divorce were sparked when, a few days after Ford's birth, Leslie King threatened Dorothy with a butcher knife and threatened to kill her, Ford, and Ford's nursemaid.

Ford later told confidantes that his father had first hit his mother on their honeymoon for smiling at another man. They then called her son Gerald Rudolff Ford, Jr. The future president was never formally adoptedhowever, and he did President ford legally change his name until December 3, ; he also used a more conventional spelling of his middle name.

Ford also had three half-siblings from his father's second marriage: They never saw one another as children and he did not know them at all.

Ford was not aware of his biological father until he was 17, when his parents told him about the circumstances of his birth.

That year his father Leslie King, whom Ford described as a "carefree, well-to-do man who didn't really give a damn about the hopes and dreams of his firstborn son", approached Ford while he was waiting tables in a Grand Rapids restaurant. Ford said, "My stepfather was a magnificent person and my mother equally wonderful.

So I couldn't have written a better prescription for a superb family upbringing. He is the only U. Political career[ change change source ] Ford served 25 years in the United States House of Representatives and was Minority Leader for many years.

Nixon then chose Ford to be his next Vice President. Ford had to be approved by Congress since there was no Presidential election that year. Because he had been in Congress for a long time, other Congressmen knew him well and were happy to approve him as Vice President because they thought he was honest.

President ford

However, Ford was not Nixon's first choice. But, Nixon was worried that these other men might have trouble getting approved by Congress. All of them had also run for President already or were planning to run soon.

Early life

Nixon did not want to help pick who would be the top Republican candidate in and Ford promised him that he was not interested in being President. Ford always told reporters that he always dreamed of being Speaker of the House instead. Presidency[ change change source ] Because of the Watergate scandalNixon resigned on August 9, Ford became the President.

Once he became President, he realized he could do a good job and decided to run for a full term in He ran against the popular conservative Ronald Reagan for the Republican nomination in Ford won by a small amount of votes against Reagan.

InFord was nearly assassinated in Sacramento, California. Ford had pardoned Nixon for his crimes in Many experts say that is one of the reasons why Ford lost to Jimmy Carter in the election, which was very close.

Early Years and Congressional Career

Legacy[ change change source ] With his somewhat short day presidency less than one termhe was often seen as a place holder in between Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. The way he handled the Watergate scandal has changed people's view of him. While critics felt that pardoning Nixon wasn't fair, his supporters felt like his term provided a sense of healing and comfort to a country that was morally divided.

He was also a much more moderate Republican than the more conservative Ronald Reagan.The show’s Ford was Chevy Chase, a lanky slapstick comedian who portrayed the commander in chief as President Pratfall, a genial bungler stumbling across the world stage with a complacent grin.

Oct 02,  · President Donald Trump for the first time directly mocked Christine Blasey Ford's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee by casting doubt on . Extraordinary times call for extraordinary leadership. Those are the words Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford used when he announced Jim Hackett as the new president and CEO of Ford Motor Company.

Gerald Ford: Gerald Ford, 38th president of the United States (–77), who, as 40th vice president, had succeeded to the presidency on the resignation of President Richard Nixon, under the process decreed by the Twenty-fifth Amendment. He was the only U.S. chief executive who had not been elected president or vice president.

When Gerald R. Ford took the oath of office on August 9, as our 38th President, he declared, “I assume the Presidency under extraordinary circumstances This is an hour of history that.

President ford

Gerald Rudolph Ford was the 38th President of the United States from August until January Ford was born on July 14, , in Omaha.

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