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Geocentrism[ edit ] The third and last aspect of the EPG model is the geocentric portion, this notion focuses on a more world-orientated approach to multinational management. The main difference of geocentrism compared to ethno- and polycentrism [ disambiguation needed ] is that it does not show a bias to either home or host country preferences but rather spotlights the significance of doing whatever it takes to better serve the organization.

Epg model

Read More Meet the Academic team Vanessa joined EPG in and is the Early Years Vice Principal where she oversees the quality of teaching and learning, ongoing curriculum development, leadership and management and staffing of Early Years branches.

At the core of Vanessa's teaching philosophy lies the desire to find ways to motivate and inspire children. She endeavours to establish safe, supportive and stimulating environments, where children can grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially, ultimately meeting their fullest potential to be the best that they can be.

We have an aspiration for all our children to enjoy their school journey, fulfill their academic potential, and become successful lifelong learners. The safety and education of children is paramount and at the heart of everything we do.

Our approach to learning is both interactive and innovative and we build positive relationships with children that are warm and kind, and foster a sense of belonging. We want to engage with parents to build a shared understanding of the principles of the curriculum, learning goals of the Epg model and our approaches and methodologies we adopt.

We acknowledge that parents have a special contribution to make in creating and fostering a positive school setting. Originally from Colorado in the USA, Crystal have recently graduated with a Masters in Leadership education and has 6 years of experience in shaping the minds of children.

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As a passionate and inspired educator, Crystal enjoys helping all students and teachers reach their highest potential. Children will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to become creative and independent thinkers, responsible citizens and life-long learner.

She is a dedicated educator, believing that all teachers and children deserve to be the best they can be. Kirsten Turner Early Years Cluster Manager The Executive Principal leads and supports the Academic agenda at EPG, to creatively deliver a dynamic, blended curriculum, ensuring that our schools offer an environment that nurtures confidence, independence, social skills and positive attitudes towards learning for all our students.

In short, a place where we can all become the best that we can be!

Brett brings a wealth of experience from a range of teaching and leadership roles in The United Kingdom, Europe and South Africa. His passion is the engagement of children in the learning process through active and progressive pedagogies which will set them up with a love of learning for life!

The Vice Principal leads and mentors the staff in order to ensure a high standard of teaching in the school and supports curriculum development to ensure that it is engaging and accessible for all. Her focus in education is to ensure that all children find and develop their strengths, giving each of them the opportunity to succeed.

Careful planning has resulted in wide-ranging and stimulating activities to creatively deliver the curriculum, nurturing confidence, independence, social skills, positive attitudes towards learning, and a broad skills base to develop the pupil as a whole. Matthew is passionate about the use of technology to support teaching and learning in the classroom and has worked on several innovative projects involving mobile learning.

Matthew is well traveled, having visited 6 continents and lived in or traveled to, over 60 countries. He enjoys bringing his wealth of educational experiences into schools and classrooms to inspire children to be global citizens and lifelong learners.

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She has 6 years of Middle and Senior leadership under her belt to complement her many years of teaching experience in British Schools.Free Essay: The EPG Model is a framework for a firm to better pinpoint it's strategic profile in terms of International Business Strategy.

It contains three. EPG Environmental Protection Gauge. U.S. Patent Number Application. The Environmental Protection Gauge (EPG) is easy to install. It installs just like tubular glass and is designed to replace your existing tubular glass.

Jul 24,  · EPG Model is an international business model including three dimensions – ethnocentric, polycentric and geocentric.

It has been introduced by Howard V. Perlmutter within the journal article "The Tortuous Evolution of Multinational Enterprises" in These three dimensions allow executives to more accurately develop their . Overview. The EPG model is a framework for a firm to better pinpoint its strategic profile in terms of international business strategy.

The authors Wind, Douglas and Perlmutter have later extended the model by a fourth dimension, "Regiocentric", creating the "EPRG Model". The EPG model can be used to help organizations who compete on an international level ensure that they are working toward the right goals and objectives.

Epg model

The first Orgone Generators® on the market: The first orgone generator® on the market was the EPG , end of , at first with alternating layers of steel wool and fiber glass, 14 inches long, 5 .

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